Residential Services

Accurate Drywall and Construction Ltd. has a long-withstanding reputation in providing top results in residential construction. Working with some of Ottawa’s largest track-home builders, Accurate delivers exceptional quality of work from start to finish. To that end, Accurate also prides ourselves in working with clients on custom build homes to deliver superior quality and specialized details.

Accurate Drywall and Construction Ltd., is pleased to offer the following service under our Residential Drywall Division:

  • Drywall install and finishing
  • Drywall window returns
  • Fire rated assemblies
  • Sound rated assemblies
  • Decorative steel stud bulkheads

Commercial Services

Since 2009, Accurate Drywall and Construction has worked hard to build a name for ourselves on commercial job sites. Working closely with our clients, suppliers and skilled journey men, we have been able to deliver positive results on both small and large-scale commercial projects.

Accurate Drywall and Construction Ltd., is pleased to offer the following services under our Commercial Drywall Division:

  • Lightweight and structural steel studs
  • Exterior and interior gypsum board
  • Vapour barrier walls
  • Demountable wall systems
  • Baffle and slat ceiling systems
  • Acoustic walls and ceiling tiles
  • Acoustic panels
  • Specialty doors and frames
  • Insulation

Accurate Drywall & Construction

Accurate Drywall and Construction LTD., is a family owned and operated business with over 35 years of experience in the drywall industry. Serving Ottawa and the surrounding area, Accurate Drywall has created a name for themselves by taking exceptional pride and ownership in their work.

OCA (Ottawa Construction Association)

LOCAL Union 124

LOCAL Union 2041

Office Location

5315 Bank Street Ottawa, ON K1X 1H2

Open Hours

M-F: 8am - 4pm